Be careful to do the partition on your Acer laptop


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Gateway Recovery Management can only be started when a user has administrator privileges under Windows.

If you restore the system from CD/DVD to the original hard disk without any re-configuration, the hidden partition will be retained. If you recover on a brand new hard disk instead of the old one, the Gateway Recovery Management partition will no longer exist.

The backup discs created by Gateway Recovery Management will work better with the optical drive that came with your machine. They may not work as well in other optical drives.

Acer recovery process on


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When you select Restore, the restore page opens and displays the following options. Before starting the restore process, you will need to enter your password (if set). Then confirm your password to prevent any unintentional action. It will restart your computer and enter the restoration environment.

·         Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults

This option will return your computer to its factory default settings. After the restore process, all files and settings, and all updates or software installed since the computer was first used will be deleted.

We recommend this recovery if your computer is infected by a persistent virus or malware, or if other recovery options fail.

·        Restore Operating System and Retain User Data

This option will return Windows to the same state as when purchased, but will transfer files from user accounts to C:\backup. Updates and software installed since the computer was first used will be deleted or will not function until reinstalled. Please note this option will not remove persistent viruses or malware.

After recovery, you may create new user accounts and transfer retained files from old user accounts (found in C:\backup).

If this option fails to repair your computer, please select Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults and recover the system again.

·         Reinstall Drivers and Applications

If you choose Reinstall Drivers and Applications, Gateway Recovery Management opens a new page that contains a list of available software and/or drivers for your model.

Save the original data prior to exposure to the virus Acer


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When you select Backup, you'll see the following options:

· Create Factory Default Disc

(1) Gateway strongly recommend that you factory default image backup to a disk before you start using your system. If you do not burn it, you'll see an exclamation mark icon on this page.

(2) If you want to restore your system using this disk, please use your burned disk 1 to boot.

· Create Drivers and Applications Disc Backup

(1) You can also have your own copies of system utilities that are provided by Gateway. Please prepare a blank disc to burn the drivers and applications that are appropriate for your system.

(2) If more than one disk, each of them will have its own content.